Homage to Berryman

Happy Harriet walks through Walmart

no end delighted. Whatsit ya want,

Miss Priss, her alter hisses–make up

your mental. So many stuffs, such a too-

muchness! Wanting it all oh every which way.

Choice-challenged. What if she

gets it wrong? Shame on you, greedy girl…

Home now Harriet heavy with goodies. Bagged.

Unpack me quick! Gadgets galore, bath-towels

Madly Mauve, batteries enough to batter

the moons. Our poor Harriet, Walmartyred

hides all in most bottom-some drawers.

Folds receipt into origami shipshape–

of fools. Deep-sixes the lost day. Time at last

for her aching feet. And the evening noose.