Traveling Light (Antrim House 2016)

Traveling Light Poems by Geraldine Zetzel

Traveling Light

The poems in Geraldine Zetzel’s Traveling Light, pull no punches, delineating graphically life’s difficulties and losses but also savoring its saving graces. Delicious leavenings of humor and joie de vivre permeate this new book by an author who has lived life to the hilt.

Mariève Rugo says that “Hers is a journey across the terrain of marriage, travel, growth and sorrow. Her language is elegant, luminous and accurate; her meditations on the long, complex saga of life both private and universal become a history that transcends its details. Within the context of her profound connection to nature, her poems gradually move from regrets to the comfort and relief of what she has learned on the way—‘this loveliness against all odds.’ ”

And this from Suzanne Berger: “Traveling Light offers us the chance to also travel deep, into experiences honed by Zetzel’s stellar imagination and poetic skills. The poet has an inclusive eye precisely focused on the present, be it exactly noting—and celebrating—graffiti viewed from a train or the sight of wild turkeys ‘like pompous politicians crossing the road.’ And all through this second full-length collection, Zetzel offers empathy for the Other in the darker issues she addresses. Often there is the radiance of consolation, which can suddenly or softly release companion feelings in the reader—one goal of the best poetry. We finish this book enlightened, cherishing Zetzel’s luminous lyrics and stories.”

Mapping the Sands (Mayapple Press 2010)

Mapping the Sands poetry by Geraldine Zetzel

Mapping the Sands

“These poems place us at the ‘edge of joy’ and show us ‘how it comes and goes’ the way a wave rushes up the shore. These poems live on that shifting borderline, a place where celebration and lamentation sometimes commingle, sometimes separate and define each other. This terrain Geraldine Zetzel maps with precise images, with startling metaphors, and with an embrace that radiates outward, touching all she sees, all she knows, all she has lived.”

By Fred Marchant, author of The Looking House